4 days…

3 Jul

Today I will be co-interviewing someone to basically replace me at my amazing, wonderful job that I am leaving tomorrow. Assuming she knows what she is doing, I think we may take her. I’m currently trying to clean up my office for her as tomorrow is my last day here. I’ve already trained my replacement at my other job, a record company. All this does to me is renew my fear of the reality that I am QUITTING TWO PAID JOBS to volunteer and come back home next year to start my life all over again.


My office in its current state


Other side of my office

What makes it all that much more real is that today, another volunteer, Tara leaves for Kathmandu, but I fought my way into staying till Saturday because it is Zak’s birthday! Bitter-sweet though it will be leaving ON his birthday, at least I get to spend part of the day with him.

What are you up to this week?




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