2 days…

5 Jul

About a month ago, I was in the market for a SLR camera to bring on my trip.

My cousin Al, one of the biggest ballers in our family, works for a stock company in Holland and every Christmas they give their employees a cool electronic device. I asked him earlier this year what he got this past Xmas and he got an SLR.

So, when I was trying to decide which camera to buy, I texted cousin Al to see how his was.

Ayesha: I’m looking to buy a SLR for Nepal. How is yours? What kind did you get?

Al: I only used it once. If you stop by Amsterdam on your way, you’re free to have it.

Ayesha: SERIOUS??? Hmm..

I thought about my options:

-Stop by Amsterdam on the way to Nepal?

-Get him to send it to my twin bro in England?

-Wait for him to bring it when he visits me in October (IF he visits)

-Send it in the mail

After days of trying to figure out the best way to get it here on time, without paying a lot of duties at customs cousin Al told me his colleague is coming to Toronto 2 days before I leave. So, I not-so patiently waited.

This morning I met his colleague at the hotel to pick up my beautiful gift, from across the Atlantic Ocean, the Nikon SLR D-3100.


Nikon D-3100

Now all I need to is is learn how to use it!!



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