8 Jul

I’m at the airport right now, waiting to board to London. My bags weren’t quite as heavy as I thought, only the big one was overweight, the little one was fine, so I only had to spend $100 for overweight baggage. 

I didn’t end up taking any photos at Niagara but as predicted the motel was very seedy and much more expensive than I had expected. We had a nice time though, and today we wasted money at the casino, had lunch/dinner at The Keg and cried a lot. That’s what I am currently doing. I miss my boyfriend so much already. 

Anyway, other than the crying, I think his birthday went okay. 

I feel really bad for whoever ends up beside me on the plane to Heathrow tonight….they won’t get much sleep. 

Depending on internet access at Doha airport I may post, otherwise, talk to you from KATHMANDU! 




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