Settling in to life in Nepal

10 Jul

Kathmandu is much like I expected it to be. The area we are staying in while we apartment hunt is not though.

The city is a lot like Karachi and Mauritius but the traffic is much more terrifying than I had guessed, even after being warned. This is a ‘traffic jam’ I saw today near our place during lunch today. I think I enjoyed the scene much more than I should have. 

The blackouts here are scheduled, but so long. Right now we have blackouts for 5 hours a day, twice a day. It changes day to day and we have a printed schedule but instead of being in the middle of the night it’s smack dab in the middle of the day. The next one will begin in about an hour.

Today for lunch we went to ‘Trendy Cafe’ which was just a few minutes away and, as it suggests, quite trendy. Although we were the only ones there, but I did get the feeling that it was trendy at some points in the day or night. It was a restaurant that I trusted.

other volunteer, and to-be roommate, Tara

My lunch:

Steamed vegetable Momos. Pretty much a dumpling.

Chicken Korai or something.

Coffee, mocha, cookies, mixed at “Coffee Time” :

Me with a coffee, chocolate, milkshake, cookie mix thing. Delicious.


We are considering our options for our apartment. One of the other volunteers and I are going to be getting a place together. Who wants to live alone? She is going to Switzerland for a conference in 10 days and won’t be back till beginning August so we don’t know what to do about that…try to find an apartment before or wait till August? This week waiting is fine as the office is next to the passage house but starting next week our language lessons are far and when I start work in two weeks that is very far. So, I don’t know yet.

Back to Orientation. See ya later.




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