Exhausted after the hunt!

12 Jul

When the housing agent arrived, we expectantly waited for him to take us to his car. Well, to our surprise he arrived on his motorcycle and expected us to pay for a taxi to get to and from the town of Lalitpur. Oh.

So, we took a tuktuk which is a big rickshaw to Lalitpur, which was cheaper and felt much safer than the bicycle rickshaw from yesterday but packed with people, and once we arrived, we met a second housing agent and Tara and I paid for a taxi to house #1. I hated it. The second apartment was a 5 minute walk owned by the same owner. A foreign family lives there right now and I LOVED IT. The landlord wouldn’t budge on price though and it’s just too expensive. I am in love with that apartment though, and apparently it’s within walking distance of our office. The old man wouldn’t bargain, though!

So, we reluctantly hopped into another cab to yet another apartment. Again, we paid for the cab and this place was decent but it smelled so musty, one room was so much nicer than the other, and it was very dim and dark. Worst of all, the woman was charging the same as the other apartment and it was a 30 minute walk from the office. Big fat NO. One more cab, and off to the top of a really nice man’s house. We did not like this one at all, either. The furniture was ugly, there was no gas heater for winter (we need hot water!), and one room had no door.

Afterwards, feeling slightly defeated, we sent both agents on their way so we could walk around our soon to-be town. It is much less chaotic than Kathmandu. Amazingly so, in fact. There are no words to describe the chaos of the streets of Kathmandu. We then walked past a tiny little temple or holy place,

Outside a holy temple in Patan

and finally found our way to a cute restaurant/wine bar. I had a small, personal pizza with chicken and mushrooms and Tara had a cocktail. Which one, you ask?

Fuck Me On The Beach!!!!

The reason this restaurant was so cute was because it was outdoors. The waiter spoke an adorably minimal amount of English, but enough to get by and be overly polite.

Then, we walked back to the main road and bargained a cabbie from 400Rs to 200Rs to take us home.

Tomorrow, we begin our Nepali language lessons in Thamel. We will also be looking at yet another apartment in Lalitpur, but only after shopping a bit more!

Look at these two pretty necklaces I got from the grocery store today! I think I overpaid as there was no bargaining in the store, but still, I find them pretty and for under $5 I am still content!




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