Nepali language & more shopping

13 Jul

Today was our first language class. We get two weeks of lessons provided, after which I think I may want to pay to continue on my own. It was really intense.

I actually think that me and Tara learnt a lot more than most people do in one lesson because I knew many of the words as they are similar to Urdu. I don’t speak urdu but I recognize words, and especially at this basic level, there were a heck of a lot of similarities. So, I asked a lot of questions (as I always do) and pushed and pushed.

I even got my teacher to help me write a text to Zak saying “I love you” which I bet thoroughly confused the poor fellow. He is so cute, he wrote me back in sanskrit asking “Where is the shower room?” which he must have found on google. How cute is he?!

After language class, as we were in the tourist district, Thamel, we of course continued our shopping. This country is going to be so dangerous for us, spending-wise. I went back to the guy I bought my bag from and he gave me a new flower (a hair clip) for free to sew on in the broken one’s place. What a sweetie. Then, we went back to the silk guy’s shop where my dress was waiting for me, and we bought a lot more dresses. I am trying to get him to make me a blanket cover but he just wasn’t bargaining as much as I wanted. I am also in no rush as it is still very hot. I have many markets left to see, I’ve only seen the tourist one thus far, and have made a long, long list of things to buy. All for me. Gifts will come later.

After using our brains all morning and afternoon, we decided to call it quits on shopping and head home. As we were walking I heard my name being called out “Ayesha!” It was one of the shopkeepers we met the other day!! He is Kashmiri, nice man, Muslim, who I bought a wallet from and Tara bought 2 shawls from. I got his name wrong, but I will try to remember from now on. We asked him to help us get a cheap cab home at which he failed. The neighbouring shop was a jeweler who joined in trying to find us a cheap cab. Also failed. I explained “we are volunteers, we can’t afford such prices” and the nice old man responded in perfect English “I understand this, I am trying to help you.” What a nice man. I forget his name.

Then, we saw our Rickshaw driver bike past us and we smiled and waved. He wouldn’t go lower than 150Rs which is what we paid him the other day (and we threw in a 10 rupee tip!) so we decided to keep walking. 10 minutes later, he agreed and we hopped on the back of his bike and he biked us home in his makeshift rickshaw. I love this method of transportation. Not only does it allow us to see the chaos on the streets of Kathmandu but I have come to just adore the rickshaw driver who struggles to bike us home uphill as he must be used to little Nepali people, not overweight North Americans.

Now, I’m home, covered in dirt and mud, and ready for a nap which I will try hard to avoid taking.

Here’s what I bought today:

The blue dress is the one I had made the other day, which I picked up today, the two necklaces I got jipped for, as after bargaining down I saw them on sale for half of what I paid, ugh. Then, the longer dress is a silk maxi dress and the one on the left is a long wrap skirt.




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