A Nepali Welcome

26 Jul

I knew that it was pretty much inevitable to get sick in Nepal. I knew that. But there is still nothing one can do to prepare oneself for it, really.

I spent all day yesterday hooked up to an IV drip because of dehydration after being sick for only a day! I am now back at the passage house, still sick, taking Cirpo, waiting and waiting to get better. I’m staying bed-ridden for a few days as that’s the only activity that doesn’t force me to run to the facilities, but even then I somehow find some…shit to dispose of ­čÖé

My diet consists mainly of crackers, then when I got home from the clinic there was some Nepali style chicken noodle soup waiting for me. By the time I had eaten half I had run to a particular room in the house 6 times so I gave up and slept.

That’s what I’ll do today, too.

I regret not taking photos of my hospital room, but it was literally a regular hospital room with a hospital bed, a tv and a washroom. I have never been hooked up to an IV before, although having visited hospitals way more times in my life than I’d like as the loved one of a patient, I know all about them.

As I lay down there, I kept thinking of how much more pleasant my patient experience would have been if my Mommy could be there with me, rubbing my legs while I slept. The way things are supposed to be. Although I must say that if I had the option to be the patient or the loved one of a patient I would choose being the patient without hesitation. Even though what I have is not serious, just a well-expected Nepali Welcome, it would still be hard, I’m sure for any of my loved ones to see me hooked up to a leash.

I don’t know if the IV made me hallucinate or if for some reason I just managed to remember my dreams there, but I had some really weird, interesting dreams of the clinic, including one where I ditched in the middle of my time there to find dinner with my Mom, brother and mom’ s friend. ┬áThe clinic was located somewhere near Sheppard and Leslie and I kept asking ‘what about my IV and the meds?’ So finally I went back alone and when I got there, all the doctors had left and the nurses were students and invited me into the ceilings to ┬álearn about how the building operates. But no one would give me meds!! ┬áThank goodness I woke up from that nightmare!




One Response to “A Nepali Welcome”

  1. Kara July 26, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

    I hope you are feeling better soon!

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