Some things I’ve learned

26 Jul

The last two days of language class I have taken off as I’ve been practically bed-ridden.

I spent my day yesterday on an IV and today watching Sons of Anarchy (so good!). I did manage to bring my broken Converse to a cobbler who sits on the side of the road though. I was told to expect to pay about 50Rs to 100Rs max. He is covering half of my soles for 250RS. I am being sorely ripped off and I know that. I have gotten to a point where I hate being taken advantage of. But, I’m still getting new, crappy, cheap rubber put on my Converse for $3. So I guess I can’t really complain.

I got visa pictures printed. Taking a picture in studio and 6 printed cost me 150Rs then I got another 6 printed for 50Rs. That’s 12 visa size photos for about $3.

I got my eyebrows, upper lip and chin threaded, wax wouldn’t work on my underarms so I got them threaded, too. Plus tip, I paid $1.10.

I do love Asia for many reasons.

Sometimes during Nepali language class when my brain was overloaded I would ask my teacher about herself and the culture. She was great. Told me things without hesitation. She had an arranged marriage. She wears a red dot on her forehead to show she is married. Married men wear nothing. Most Nepalis don’t wear wedding rings. Last year, her husband’s father died so they are in a year of mourning, that means no prayers, no parties, no celebrations, no fasting, nothing. If a family member on her side dies, her husband does not need to mourn in the same way. When you get married as a woman, you are no longer part of your family. Meaning, you now have a new family: your husband and kids, but a man who gets married remains part of his family of upbringing for life, and the wife and kids become part of that family.

When a parent dies, their son must cremate them by the river. However, if the son has not had his ‘first head shaving ceremony’ then he cannot cremate them. A hindu son must have his head shaved in a ceremony while he is an odd age – 3. 5. 7. 9 etc and is not permitted to ever shave his head until after that ceremony. If for some reason he doesn’t have that ceremony before his parents die, he must then have the ceremony if he wishes to cremate them.

She was unable, however, to give any reason, other than that it’s the culture.

I find it all very fascinating but oh so complicated and want to learn more!




One Response to “Some things I’ve learned”

  1. Kara July 26, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Wow that is interesting. My inner feminist is hurting though lol

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