Cabin Fever

27 Jul

Being cooped up in bed gets very boring very quick. I feel a bit better today but still running to the washroom, just much, much less often. Which is good.

I left a  Sons of Anarchy disc in Canada at my cousin’s place so I have been trying to load 3 episodes online. Extremely frustrating in the best of situations, in Nepal with a shared wifi connection, you can only imagine.

After eating crackers for 2 days straight finally today I decided I wanted a chicken burrito. Can’t be good for my belly but it’s worth the risk. I strapped on my newly cobbled Converse (mostly okay a little uneven) and walked over to Buzz restaurant a few blocks away as I know they sell them and got one. It hit the spot. It was quite Nepali style, but it did the job.

Chicken wrap

Buzz restaurant

I read my book in the sun then meandered back home on a full tummy. Now I sit here waiting still for my episode to load.


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