Sunday & Work tomorrow

29 Jul

I start working tomorrow at Fair Trade Group Nepal.

From what I’ve heard they are a good, stable, legit organization, which you can’t always be sure of in international development. So, I’m glad.

I’ll be moving to Kupondole on August 10, and that’s walking distance from the office. Kathmandu traffic is so insane, that even though we are paying a ridiculous sum, I tend to think it’s worth it getting to avoid traffic jams and buses and tuktuks (rickshaws), etc.

TukTuks or rickshaws

Today, I went to the dentist for the first time in 4 years. I got a check up and a cleaning and it cost me $43. I will be going back to fix up several cavities that forced me to avoid the dentist in Canada. I am quite happy about being able to afford dental care here.

My new dentist

Then, I meandered on to Mongal Bazaar which, supposedly, is a local market. It must have been as I saw only about 3 white people while there, and I gasped loudly at them. But, to my disappointment, the gorgeous arts and crafts and silks weren’t there. Even the practical things that I need for the new apartment weren’t particularly cheap. I left having spent only $3 (proud of myself) on a cotton wrap skirt.

Every single shop here has knockoff Angry Birds shirts…sometimes hats, plushies, backpacks, flipflops, raincoats. I want one really badly.
This is one particularly “stylish” and blingy shirt….

I then went to an area where there is a Tibetan Refugee camp and looked at Tibetan Tiger rugs, but didn’t find any cheap enough – so far I found them for anywhere between $70 and $90 for the tiny ones. 

Finally, I went to pay my landlord the remaining deposit and then waited an hour for the correct TukTuk back to Baluwatar which never came, so instead I took a microbus to one place, changed onto a different TukTuk to Lazimpat then walked about 15 minutes home. I’m beat.




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