First day of work

30 Jul

I arrived at work today and was told that every employee is on leave for one reason or another so I’m to just read the pamphlets and familiarize myself with the organization. The program officer was there to meet me, and after about an hour, went home sick and left me with only one other employee in the office, the accountant.

People will be on leave till at least Wednesday and as I have 2 days of language class to catch up on, I am not going to work till Thursday in order to make them up then Friday is an optional holiday. I’ll take it! Apparently there will be people around Durbar square in Kathmandu with masks and all sorts of picture-worthy stuff. I don’t know what for, but I will be there!

Fair Trade Group is really neat. I think that once I figure out what exactly it does…it will be a good place to work. I am to make a new product catalog, fix and fancify the website (I have NO web skills whatsoever) and other similar things. Should be interesting.


Today there were ants crawling all around though because my window is near plants outdoors. Even now I can’t stop itching all over. Sigh…

Downstairs from the office is a store that sells products from many of the 17 FTG member organizations, as well as some fair trade products from other parts of South Asia including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. One must walk through the store to get to the office which I am sure will prove extremely difficult for me.

Next to the office is a really interesting restaurant called the Village Cafe. They hire marginalized women as the cooks and it’s only traditional Newari food. It was very spicy.

The Village Cafe in Patan, Lalitpur


My lunch. Omlette on a bread type thing (I don’t remember the name), roasted black soynuts with spices, and a really spicy soup with bamboo, potato and other good stuff.

Tomorrow, back to Thamel for class then I will try and bargain for another leather bag as I am so in love with the one I got. Then, meeting another volunteer nearby to get some Kurtis or Shalwar kameez from the expensive stores nearby (I hate paying so damn much now, I don’t know how I will manage when I get back to Canada).

A demain (I will ask my instructor how to say that in Nepali!)





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