Lotus Children’s Home

2 Aug

Today I went to go visit an orphanage that I have been in touch with on Facebook for a few years. I met the co-owner/operator in Thamel and he took me on his motorbike to visit the kids. I had kids books and some socks and pens and pencils for them.

He told me that his wife was an orphan and when he met her in their village she was 14 and working in a tea shop and he was 21 and they married. They moved to Kathmandu and they found an orphanage with kids in it run by another couple that they used to visit and help with. One day the couple disappeared, abandoning the children, rent unpaid, school fees unpaid, no food. That’s when this man, Laxman, and his wife took over, made a new orphanage, new name, and it has been operating for 6 years now.

They have a 2 bedroom flat and 9 orphans, 2 sons. The kids share a room with large bunkbeds and the couple sleeps on a mattress in their office. The maid and her baby sleep in the kitchen.

I had no idea what to expect when I went, but when the kids walked home from school, I saw a bunch of shy children in uniforms. After greeting ‘Namaste’ the kids slowly opened up and each introduced themselves to me in English and then said “it’s nice to meet you, Madam”

They are adorable. Everyone sat in a circle in the living room reading or doing their homework then all of a sudden, like the flip of a switch, everyone scrambled and started playing ball outside. I played with a tiny plastic ball indoors with one particular darling boy with a snotty nose. I don’t remember his name.

Once the kids all came in, I played with the maids baby who peed on me, and then I decided it was time to go.

I will go back and visit them now and again, they are so sweet, and Laxman and his wife treat all the kids equally as their very own children.

I didn’t take photos this time around but  I will once I feel a little more comfortable there.




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