Settled in

13 Aug

On Friday, we finally moved into our new apartment in Kupondole, Lalitpur. Problem is, even though we have our own wi-fi, the connection is so bad that I can’t even load the blog at home!! So, I had to wait till work on Monday to upload pictures. Funny enough, skype calls are much better there than they were at the Passage House, but nothing else loads.

Anyway, with my complaint out of the way, here are the photos of our new apartment.

Living room

Front hallway

Dining Room


My room – the purple curtain is fabric I bought in the street, originally intended as sheets but turns out there were sheets on my tiny bed when I arrived. Since this photo was taken, I added a friend to my bed, a hello kitty plush.

Tara’s room. Part of the deal of taking this apartment was that she got the bigger room/bed. She put her Senegalese bed cover on, along with an elephant she purchased from our work, FTG.

And, the newest edition to my room, is my new friend, Hello Kitty.

my new friend. She cost me $20

Now accepting visitors!




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