28 Aug

The internet at our apartment is very slow and my blog won’t even load. That is, when there’s even power to connect to the interweb.

It has been a challenge, but one that I am learning to appreciate in some ways, but certainly a challenge, especially when trying to find time to Skype with Zak.

Last week was quite relaxed, other than it being Tara’s 25th birthday, which we celebrated by having dinner and drinks at a nearby place called Vesper Cafe. Then I went to the World Trade Centre for a women’s shopping festival (sounds as though it were made for me, no?) and I bought some cheap bras, a Mickey Mouse shirt, a crochet vest, a crystal to hang in the window, and silk cocoons which are supposed to remove blackheads but haven’t worked for me yet. I also got Tara some flowers for her birthday and a ring of the god Ganesh, because as I have learned to love the remover of obstacles, so has she. On the walk to the trade centre I made a little friend on the side of the road. Here he is:

This lil guy was eating a cookie on the sidewalk

Then on Friday after work and the gym, we went to a restaurant nearby called Tamarind. I was shocked at how posh it was, it really didn’t feel anything like Nepal. The service was just awful and it was very expensive, but there was live music, mostly hindi, but at one point he played Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours which we all danced and sang to in our seats.

Saturday I went to Kopan Monastery with another volunteer who has been in Nepal for 3+ years. She has had some experience with Buddhism so she took me to experience it. It was a very hot day, and once we arrived we decided to sweat some more and trek another half an hour to another nearby monastery where there was a Buddhist prayer at 4 pm.

We observed from the side of the monastery as these monks chanted, played loud drums, blew into big conches and snapped their fingers. At some point they ate beaten rice and drank tea as an offering, and the monks even brought us cups and filled them with tea, as well. It was a really interesting practice to ask for protection. The chanting was incredible, and I would love to go again (when the trek won’t be so sweaty due to the heat!).

View from Kopan

Stupa at Kopan Monastery

Yesterday I got my big huge broken tooth fixed at the expat dentist, and I keep tonguing it. This is the first time in 5 years that I have had a mouth full of complete teeth! I then went to Nepali language class where I began to learn basic Nepali script which is unbelievably complicated. Then, the clinic for my last rabies shot, the salon for some leg waxing, then off to dinner where we chatted and drank some wine.

The bad news of the weekend is that I dropped my phone and the screen cracked and I am extremely sad. I have always wondered why people use phones with cracked screens and now I am one of those people. Oh, and this:




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