3 Sep

It has been a weird weekend.

Zak and I broke up. He already bought his ticket for Nepal which he will be forfeiting. I broke my left pinkie toe and sprained my right foot on Friday, drinking and falling down stairs and over bushes. I am now limping slowly around, broken in my heart, soul and foot.

It’s not been a easy few days.

The internet at our apartment is now not working ever, even when there is power. Distracting myself has been a little bit of a challenge without the interweb and without power to charge my laptop and live vicariously through the lives of Grey and her friends on Grey’s Anatomy. I often end up listening to ballads by Adele and crying in my new silk dressing gown in my very tiny bed, grabbing onto Hello Kitty.

GOD, I miss him so much. He has cut me out. I don’t blame him. It was really hard for me to try and start a life here in Asia while also living a life over there, or online, every day. It’s not an easy balance. I just honestly thought that we were stronger than that. Only 2 months apart and it ends.

My inability to walk also makes it impossible to go to the gym to release that stress and get my endorphins on. The timing of it all pretty much just sucks.

Back to Adele now…



2 Responses to “Broken.”

  1. Mrs Leonard September 3, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    :o( Comments rarely help in times like this, so… I wish your pinkie toe a swift recovery (that must have really hurt). And for your heart and your soul, I send you a cyber hankie to mop up the many tears, and a hug. You’re in my thoughts, sweet x

    • Mrs Leonard September 3, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

      That should have been 😦 not :o(

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