26 Sep

It seems there are new Canadian volunteers or interns coming almost on a weekly basis. I must admit, I feel quite unimportant with so many more Canucks taking over Kathmandu and my ego is definitely being affected.

Although the others are all at either different partner organizations or going between FTG and others, and I am the only dedicated one to FTG, still, at times I feel a bit extraneous. I have taken it upon myself to tell all new volunteers/interns that come visit FTG that they shall, at no point, even think about taking my desk. There is very little room in the office, but we were recently informed that the office is moving 15 minutes away to a smaller space. Uh-oh.

This Friday morning there will be a puja (prayer) at the new office to…well, actually I’m not sure what that does, but something neat I’m sure. There will also be food, so I’m definitely going.

Back to the other Canadians – I am not hating. They all seem really cool. There are 2 3-month interns that are young students from Ottawa U and one of them works at FTG with me and is from Quebec so she has a cute accent and I really like her.

There are 6 8-month interns from the University of Waterloo, also all gals, who seem really nice, too. Then, there are two new, older (late 20s) one-year volunteers, who will be splitting their time between FTG and other partner organizations. One of them is even male. Poor guy has no idea what kind of estrogen-ridden world he is entering, I wish him luck.

Then yesterday we welcomed a new Leave For Change, 3 -week long volunteer.

Plus there’s those of us who have already been here. So, needless to say there are tons of Canucks struttin’ down the streets of Kathmandu wreaking havoc!

Watch out, KTM 🙂




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