28 Sep

This morning we got up early and walked to the new FTG office in Jamsikhel.

The walk to the new office is about 20 minutes – so not as convenient as the current office but still okay.

The Puja is done before we start to move in to make sure that there is good luck in the building and that good things happen to those that enter.

During the hour and half long ceremony, the Hindu priest blessed us with a tikka, then entered the puja room where apples and bananas were offered to statues and gods, prayers were chanted, water and milk was splashed all over the room including on the people observing, a penis god was worshipped and finally we were all blessed individually after offering the priest a bit of money.

During the ceremony, most people got up and walked out then came back to get blessed. I stayed the entire time, though, because I’m a trooper 🙂

Here are some pictures of this morning’s Puja:

puja ceremony

Getting blessed and tikka’d

Tara and I after this morning’s puja





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