Birthday Weekend

8 Oct

This weekend was quite nice.

Friday the plan was to stay in and have an early night so I would be awake and pumped for the Astrologer on Saturday. But with no electricity, and no laptop (update – my laptop is completely fried I need a new one, it sucks) I got bored and we decided to go to the bar.

It wasn’t such an exciting night but I didn’t want a very exciting night. I woke up Saturday at 7 to catch a cab to New Sadle’s CEO’s house where the Astrologer would be meeting us at 8.

My Astrology chart. Written in Sanskrit.

Here are some ย of the things he told me:

  • I was born in the year 2044
  • My Hindu name is Jhuma
  • I should start my own business within the next couple of years, preferably on my own but if I have a partner I should be sure it’s someone who does not like the colour black
  • I shouldn’t start anything new on Fridays
  • If I dream of a snake that means I shouldn’t start anything new
  • I am hard headed and when I love people I really love them but when I don’t like them I don’t want anything to do with them (well, duh)
  • I should be gentler with people because they don’t understand my need to be right all the time
  • I should avoid Leos because we both have very strong personalities
  • I should have married at 18 but since I didn’t, I should marry at 27
  • I need to be with a man from east or west of Toronto (anywhere in the world) not South or North
  • I like music but am not good at it
  • I will have 2 kids – first a boy, then a girl
  • I will travel a lot in my life but should take it easy between the ages of 33-36
  • I like to watch others dance and not dance myself (That is extremely false, I throw myself dance parties all the time)
  • I have health problems in ย my chest (which is true)
  • I was born with the love of a mother but not a father (also true)

It was interesting but as I needed constant translation, it took a while and I didn’t get a lot of answers or specifics I need. I will be praying to Shiva on Mondays or Saturdays for my future marriage.

I asked which stone to wear and he recommended the yellow one, in Nepali it’s called Pushpuraj and it’s to strengthen my weaknesses due to the weakness of my Jupitar star.

So, that was the Astrologer. I felt really into it while I was with him but now I’m feeling more and more jipped.

Afterwards I visited a colleague who lived nearby and she taught me to cook some curries and daal bhat, fed me and taught me a bit about Newari culture. Then, I went to Thamel and got my nails did ๐Ÿ™‚

For my Birthday on Sunday, I woke up feeling really content. I must first state how rare this is as birthdays are ususally quite hard for me. I just felt happy that I am turning 25 in Kathmandu not in Toronto doing the same old, same old. On the one hand, when I’m in Toronto I get phone calls and taken out to dinner, but here I only get Facebook posts even from family, but it’s ok. I’m living in Nepal, where I have dreamt of being for years, working with awesome people.

I went to the Farmer’s Market with Tara where we had waffles and yogurt and fruit and coffee then I went home, Skyped with both bros, made a collage, took a nap and then all the other volunteers came over to chat, drink wine then eventually head to dinner at a restaurant in Jamsikhel called Lhaksa’s Chulo. It was so nice and there were so many of us, and it felt really nice to be out celebrating my birthday. I never really do that in Canada and it was so nice being surrounded by all these lovely, interesting people.

Then we had cake and the candle said ‘5’ on it which made me laugh so hard. How cute.

It was a good birthday and now I am trying to be a mature 25 year old woman.

Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰




2 Responses to “Birthday Weekend”

  1. Mrs Leonard October 8, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    So glad you’ve had a lovely birthday. Isn’t it strange that you’ve had one of the best birthdays ever in a strange country, surrounded by people who, not so long ago, you didn’t know? It’s wonderful how quickly and dramatically life can change!

    So glad the day was a success… And good luck with being a mature 25 year old woman! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  2. nepaliaustralian October 9, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    Happy Birthday !!!

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