Sari Soldiers

8 Nov

Last night I went to Moksh Cafe where they were showing a documentary Sari Soldiers. It was an extremely interesting, horribly depressing film about women during the insurgency in Nepal that lasted from the assassination of the Royal family in 2001 till the King’s successor and younger brother Gyanendra stepped down.

The documentary described the violence that was inflicted on innocent Nepali families by the Royal Nepal Army after the Maoist rebellion and also the violence done by the Maoists. It basically made this lovely country I now call home look like a war-torn, uninhabitable country. Which, I suppose to some extent it was.

It’s really incredible to imagine that all those horrid events took place so recently and that, though there is no Constitution right now and the government is kind of a joke, for the most part Nepal is a safe country. Yes, it is riddled with corruption, but the Bandhs aren’t really violent, at least not the ones that have occurred since I’ve lived here. For the most part Nepali people are really nice, helpful and giving.

The documentary was definitely painful but really informative and worth the watch. It showed the impact that banding together for a cause can have, even when the cause seems impossible.

Check out the website for the film:




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