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11 Nov

I’ve wanted to go to India for years and this is a dream come true.

Nepal and India were top on my list and I can say I’ve been to both.

For me, this is more than a trip – in some way I feel like I’m discovering my roots. I’m Pakistani, but India and Pakistan were once one and though the culture differs immensely its also very similar.

I feel so lucky, so blessed and so excited to be embarking on this trip. And having the chance to see India during divali, getting there for a mere $215 rather than nearly $2000 it would cost from Canada.

I’ve had some emotionally trying times as of late – just trying to figure myself out and who I can trust and rely on, who I love and who I really am. But this is one hell of a picker-upper.

In Delhi I’m going to meet a good friend of mine from Toronto who I worked at the body shop with. She is one awesome chick. Then, Tara and i are off to Agra and Jaipur.

En Route to India


Happy divali, or as they call it in Nepal, Tihar.

India, here we come!!!


The day before

6 Jul

I woke up this morning to a call from London. It was my twin telling me he’s going to be at Heathrow Airport on Sunday, waiting for me, hoping that we’ll be able to meet for coffee.

Originally, I was supposed to have a layover for 10 hours at Heathrow which was amazing because I haven’t seen my twin since he was last visiting Toronto in October. I think this is the longest we have ever gone not seeing one another. They managed to find me an earlier flight to Nepal (via Doha) so I’ll only be in layover in London for 3 hours. During this time I need to switch terminals, go through customs, perhaps get my bags, perhaps not, and go through security once more. To be honest, I’m not sure how much time there will be to meet my twin, but we will be trying. Today we are working out logistics as to where to meet as Heathrow is enormous.

I hate layovers. Even when I am going on vacation for a week, when I am in layover I freak. I cry. I pace. I buy anything I can to keep myself occupied. I love to travel, but have never been able to get over layovers. I just can’t figure it out. I’m hoping meeting my bro will make the layover in Heathrow very awesome, fun and quick. I did however have a dream that I missed my flight and so I am slightly worried about it. But, life’s short!

Today is my last day at Job #2…since I’m leaving tomorrow.¬†Yesterday as I was going to find someone to cover the phones at Job #2 because I had to pee, I was startled to find a circle of all the employees gathering around in the back. This never, ever happens. They bought me a Red Velvet decadent cake and a going away card. I was so surprised. I’ve only been at this job part-time for 6 months and most of the employees have been here for 15-30 years!! I felt so supported.

Today is my last day, but many of them won’t be around today, so we did the cake thing yesterday. How sweet.

In the evening I took my niece and nephew, who I live with, for frozen yogurt and candy and of course stuffed myself with both. What a mess.

Then, we went home and my niece painted my nails as we watched the new 90210 (ick!) while my nephew ignored us and played his computer game.


My nails painted by my talented niece. This is how we bond…

I’m gonna miss those lil monsters.

Tonight, Zak and I are going to Niagara Falls for the night. As it’s his birthday tomorrow, and it will be bitter-sweet as I am leaving, I thought at the very least we could have a nice night together at a seedy motel in Niagara. I’ll post pix.